#TransitionHighgate: analysis of parties’ positions on #climatechange, the Paris Agreement, energy transition, air quality 

Transition Highgate have done an analysis of the political parties’ positions on climate change, C02 reduction, air quality, and energy policies, as stated in their manifestos, which can be seen here http://transitionhighgate.org/2017/05/general-election-of-june-2017/#more-4894

Apart from UKIP, which takes a Trumpian position (that says it all, really) of wanting to repeal the Climate Act, leave the Paris Agreement, and the European Emissions Trading Scheme, all the other parties wish to support our CO2 targets, but the Conservatives are keener to keep prices down, and consequently (as shown by their actions in government) go slow on moving towards carbon reduction sufficient to keep the planet to only a 2 degree temperature increase, never mind a 1.5 degree increase. The Campaign against Climate Change states that fracking on any significant scale would harm the UK’s chances of keeping within its carbon budgets – but the Conservatives as everyone knows are encouraging the development of fracking.

Unfortunately the Brexit debacle is taking political attention off climate and environmental issues, which get very little attention in the mainstream media anyway.