Film: Merchants of Doubt showing tonight at the Highgate Institute 

Merchants of Doubt Film
Tues 20th Sept:
Venue: Highgate Literary and Scientific Institution (HLSI) Pond Sq Highgate N6 .

Film: Based on the book of the same name by Naomi Oreskes and Erik Conway. The documentary interprets the book to expose the techniques adopted by a small number of Americans, backed by commercial interests and free maker and libertarian mindsets to spread misinformation and pseudo science regarding tobacco smoke, DDT, acid rain and now Global Warming. The book is a shocking expose, well written, possibly a little heavy going in places, but essential reading for anyone concerned with human health and environmental security. The film should be a short-cut to understanding the book.

Time: 8pm Free Admission

HLSI Science Group and Yransition Highgate together with the Highgate Film Society