Islington Council will be taking some steps in Shoreditch to clean up the air by stopping petrol and diesel cars from parking in one Shoreditch street (there will be a few others round the corner belonging to Hackney and Tower Hamlets) – a small step, but a start. More info: http://www.islingtongazette.co.uk/news/traditional_cars_to_be_banned_from_parking_in_parts_of_shoreditch_to_cut_air_pollution_1_4857624

The Council is also going to encourage electric car usage by installing 100 electric car charging points around the borough – again, steps in the right direction away from CO2 emissions and poisonous particulates, but the CO2 is only saved if the electricity is made from renewables and not coal or gas powered power stations. More details: http://www.islingtongazette.co.uk/news/environment/islington_council_wants_motorists_to_ditch_petrol_and_diesel_cars_1_4907744