#Islington Council abandons plans to end doorstep collections of domestic food and gardening waste! 

After a year of worrying about increased difficulty in disposing of the gardening cuttings from both my own garden and my local “Forgotten Corner” garden, I am pleased to discover that Islington Council has concluded that replacing the weekly doorstep collection of household food and gardening waste by requiring residents to take these these wastes to local communal bins should not go ahead. I had dreadful visions of trying to stuff vast bags of pyracantha cuttings into already full skips, which we used to do some 20 years ago, surrounded by other people’s discarded green waste etc.,

Strapped for cash due to central government’s continuing reduction of funds, Islington was trying to save money by reducing the number of rubbish vehicles going round the Borough. They ran a pilot scheme in Tollington Ward in 2015 to trial new collection arrangements for the communal collection of food and garden waste to see if there was potential to develop a more efficient/cheaper way of recycling food and garden waste. The Council’s report (see below) says that the active participation of local residents meant that the amount of food and garden waste collected was comparable to recycling levels from doorstep collections. They then did an analysis to see if communal food and garden recycling could be extended across Islington to reduce costs, but this concluded that more vehicles would be needed to empty the communal bins than originally expected, which would significantly reduce savings – and make the new arrangements not worthwhile financially. So the existing arrangements are to continue – three cheers!

The Council will be making the savings by rearranging the driving routes and organisation of the lorries instead.
The decision can be read here: https://democracy.islington.gov.uk/documents/s9468/WMRAP%202016-17.pdf

This issue was covered in Going Green in Pooterland here, which also includes Councillor Webbe’s letter about it: https://agreenern19.wordpress.com/2015/08/02/reorganisation-reduction-of-the-green-and-food-waste-collection-arrangements-trial-in-the-area-of-sussex-way-n19/