Following the inspirational talk from Cllr Cooper of Kirklees (covered in earlier item below), we are very pleased to report that Islington Council is progressing its work to expand the Bunhill Heat and Power network which will reduce the requirement to use fossil fuels to heat residents’ homes and thereby make a contribution to combatting climate change, as well as reducing fuel poverty, which is understood to to be the Council’s priority objective. The first part of the Bunhill Combined Heat and Power Network was installed in 2012. Rather brilliantly, phase 2 is going to capture all that dreadful hot air from the London Underground for local heating.

Phase 2 of the Bunhill Heat and Power network now has planning permission to build a new energy centre‚Äč.
The Council, Bunhill Ward and the EU CELSIUS research project (managed by the GLA in London) have agreed to fund an extension of the heat network, and provide additional heat production capacity for connected buildings. The extension will allow the Council to connect a further 454 homes in the area, with the potential to supply a further 1,000 homes.

The existing heating pipe network from Bunhill Energy Centre will be extended up Central Street to City Road to capture heat from the tube network. A new energy centre will be built on the junction of Moreland Street and Central Street, on the east side of Kestrel House, where a small building currently stands.

The council has appointed a contractor, “Colloide Engineering Systems Ltd”.

Work has now been completed on Central Street, Moreland Street, Lever Street and President St to allow the connection of the network to President House, Rahere House, Barnabus House and Macclesfield House. All roads have been reinstated and parking suspensions lifted.

Hoarding has been erected around the site where the new energy centre will be built (on the corner of Moreland Street and Central Street). As part of this, six trees will be removed. However, these will be replaced with at least as much tree canopy, as well as introducing new green landscaping around the new energy centre (see below).

For more info please go to:
https://www.islington.gov.uk/environment/energy-services/bunhill-heat-power (where there is also a video to show how the heat from the tube is captured).