New funded project to try to clean up #Archway's #airpollution #ArchwayZeroEmissionsNetwork 

The Archway Zero Emissions Network is a 3 year project (until April 2019) funded by the Mayor of London’s Air Quality Fund and Islington Council. It plans to help local businesses to reduce their energy costs and thereby reduce local pollution. This must be a good start to deal with the dreadful state of Archway’s air.

In particular, the Archway ZEN aims to:
•Improve air quality in Archway
•Change businesses’ behaviour
•Utilise a strong local identity
•Encourage up-take of lower emission energy and travel options
•Provide high quality information
•Engage directly with businesses
•Enhance infrastructure
•Offer trials and incentives

Archway ZEN Business Support Officer has in place since February and is now:

•Engaging with initial 50 businesses to implement offers and trials
•Conducting free energy audits
•Sending marketing and promotion materials to print following approval – keep an eye out in bus stops and at Archway Station
•Providing Archway ZEN cargo-bikes soon to be available free to all businesses from April
•Offering free trials of Archway ZEN electric moped available to all businesses from April
•Organising Archway ZEN promotion events in support of official opening of new gyratory e.g. cycle tour/training on new cycle lanes

Residents should keep in contact with their local Councillors to find out how the project gets on, and how soon it meets its targets.

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