The Government’s GreenGB week is between 15-19th October

This piece has been taken, with thanks, from Transition Highgate’s website:

The Green GB + NI Week is a week of events (across England), arranged by the Government, with “announcements and media activity to promote the opportunities from clean growth and raise awareness of how businesses and the public can contribute to tackling climate change.” There are a series of events, ranging from small scale and local to global, including the official launch of the European Launch of IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C (invitation only). They have been arranged by local environmental groups, climate change experts, scientists and global businesses, including well respected organisations and people. Further details via the TH website; some of the events are staggeringly expensive.

Transitition Highgate have also prepared a very line list of rebuttals which demonstrate that for all its fine words about tackling climate change, this government has been rolling back our national efforts in this vital direction. TH’s rebuttal table can be found here:

To support the Fair4Solar campaign to get the Government to Uturn on its plan to stop supporting renewables download the #Fair4Solar Campaign Pack, go to the campaign page to sign the petition and tweet the message #Fair4Solar.