#Fracking – frack-free Islington – hopefully

My reply to Richard Watts, Mayor of LB Islington, about  
Frack-free Islington (his email to me)

Dear Richard

thank you for your comprehensive reply.

I wouldn’t completely ignore the chances of companies wanting to frack under London – there have already been applications (turned down fortunately):

Guest Post: Why not look for shale gas under London?

I’m glad that my council (LB Islington in case you wondered) is making progress in the move away from climate-damaging energy – however despite your optimism about the pension fund, it seems there is still much to be done there. The latest figures published by gofossilfree.org shows some fairly sobering facts:

Total fund size: £1,262,711,448
Total fracking investments: £31,313,047
Direct investments: £25,946,752
Estimated indirect investments: £5,366,295
% Invested in fracking: 2.48%
Top fracking investments
BP — £10,289,723
Shell — £10,186,874
BHP Billiton — £3,196,183
ConocoPhillips — £2,273,972

(from https://gofossilfree.org/uk/divest-fracking/ )

What chance is there of more progress on the divestment front?