Last weekend, as part of the Highgate Festival, Catherine Budgett-Meakin, founder of HiCAN, and now leader of Highgate Transition, gave the presentation below. Despite the UK political “elite” being fixated on Brexit, we need to keep the climate change issue in people’s minds, as it will not fix itself or go away. Indeed, The Guardian Leader article today (10 July) points out that our present heatwave is being caused by the jet stream being held in its current position by a warmer arctic (due to less sea-ice and more heat-absorbing dark water, and more methane and CO2 from melted permafrost).

Catherine Budgett- Meakin: There is No Planet B: Change and Challenge

Is it true that people won’t change their habits for the greater good?

Surely not – just look at how the ban on smoking has changed habits. People were still smoking in restaurants only 11 years ago.

And nobody would have expected to pick up dog poo in my childhood.

But when it comes to thinking about future generations – that’s our children and grandchildren – we don’t seem to be able to get our heads round what needs to be done.
We have to stop relying on fossil fuels in such a massive way;