The Zero Emissions Network in Archway is almost one year old – progress report

At a recent meeting of the Archway Town Centre Group, in connection with Archway’s ZEN it was reported that the following steps towards reducing Archway’s air pollution and climate changing CO2 emissions had been taken:

1 Electric cars: Fast chargers on St John’s and Giesbach Road are now installed along with a rapid charger on Pemberton Gardens (a rapid charger can give an 80% boost in just 30mins compared to a couple of hours using a fast charger) – one of the first of its kind in the borough. For details of other street-chargers in the Borough, and how to get access to them, please go to: (although the list of locations does not include the new rapid charger!)

2 Plans are underway to host an Electric Vehicle event on Navigator Square on Thursday 19th April, with further plans for National Clean Air Day (21st June) and World Car Free Day (22nd September).

3 Air Quality: an AQ Mesh Monitor has been installed at the north end of Holloway Road (officially Sandridge Street) to provide NOx and Particulate Matter readings in real time and as of this week, a second monitor has been installed on Grovedale Road to provide an ‘urban background’ comparator of data.

4. ZEN Grants: 12 businesses successfully applied for a ZEN grant ranging from Whittington Hospital (Dr Bike Sessions), several local businesses, and St Joseph’s School (walk to school comms and materials).


5 Oriental Food on Junction Road is the first business in all of Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets (!!!) to apply for the e-switch grant (£200 to businesses and couriers who wish to switch to an electric bike or moped: ) and is now the proud owner of an electric bicycle for Zero Emissions deliveries.

6 Ofo Bike partnership was available in early January, offering 5 free rides to any member of the ZEN. A further 10 codes are available to those interested for a very limited time.

7 Winter Dr Bike sessions have been successful and ZEN will now run a Dr Bike session every 3rd Tuesday of the month in Archway’s new Navigator Square – over 100 bikes have been assessed since September.

To find out more about the Archway ZEN, and benefit from its green opportunities please go to this website: