#Hedgehoggedon on the horizon but gardeners every can help #hedgehogs with advice from @wildlondon

Go to http://www.wildlondon.org.uk/hedgehog-help to get the PDF but essentially:

  • leave habitat in your garden that they like
  • make hedgehog-sized holes in your walls, fences etc for hedgehog highways
  • build a hedgehog house
  • encourage slugs and beetles (see first point?)
  • feed them meat (whoops, Granny bless her was wrong on that one)
  • remove litter
  • keep drain holes covered
  • check bonfires before lighting
  • keep your green areas green (see first point again)
  • support London Wildlife Trust (which I have done for yonks and I asked them 10 years ago why they weren’t doing this already but I guess they have limited resources and far far too much to focus on)

I’m planning a hedgehog safari to try to photograph the hedgehogs in Regents Park and keep my kids interested in nature – any advice welcome! Raincoats and patience already on the list of required equipment.