I will challenge age-old law that man cannot live on bread alone, thanks to awesomeness of bread-by-bike bread

We went to see the bakery and met the baker Andy Strang, while the kids scoffed all the salami and houmous canapes that were provided for the official opening day. This was three weeks ago.

He needs to establish himself, and then start training and sending out bakers all over the country to start up bakeries everywhere.

It has only just occurred to me after eating the bread for about 3 years that it’s probably not organic. Shame. Will have to a word in his ear – although I think if I’d bought his “bread bond” on his kickstarter campaign, I might have more influence (one of his bread bonds supplies you with bread for a year).

Baker on the left, my child on the right, steadfastly refusing to sing “pat-a-cake pat-a-cake”.