Retrograde Solar Tax Proposed

The government plans a major tax on schools, hospitals and small businesses who run on solar power. If implemented this change would mean bills up to eight times higher than currently. The change would do very serious damage to the UK’s solar industry.

This is just the next step in a sequence of attacks on solar energy which Greenpeace reports have resulted in 12,000 job losses across the country. Now this new tax hike would leave hundreds of solar-loving organisations with a negative return on their investment, successfully putting others off investing.

Green MP Caroline Lucas recently commented:

“People who are doing their best, doing their bit to try to reduce our climate emissions […] are now being penalised by this government.” 

Labour Shadow Energy Secretary, Barry Gardiner,  said:

“Businesses made their investments in clean technology as a sound financial decision. They did not expect the government retrospectively to classify their investment so as to subject it to eight times the level of tax. This will cost some businesses more than the value of the energy they are saving and they will be forced to rip these solar panels off their rooftops.”

Greenpeace says the mainstream media aren’t reporting on the issue so have made a  60 second Greenpeace video on the subject which has already been watched more than 45,000 times.

They are asking everyone to share it so the story moves up the media agenda. The link is at

The Greenpeace petition on the issue is at Solar Tax Petition.