litter, rubbish and dumping @islingtonbc

It’s just daft that everyone puts their rubbish out on the streets in plastic bags, which seems to be council-backed policy. Here’s one on Oxford Street that is ready to unleash a whole load of polystyrene packing noodles down the street as soon as a car hits it.


And here’s another one on my street that just got hit:


I know the lady who runs that shop in the background and she takes care that it looks nice, so I didn’t stop by for fear of hearing a tirade about it.

LB Islington have brought out a smartphone app for reporting this kind of thing. It uses GPS to grab your location and allows you to upload photos.

LB Islington Street Cleansing smartphone app

I’m going to be using it on a daily basis and hopefully I’ll be able to report back positively.

For non-smartphone¬† owners, there is also the possibility to make reports via the LB Islington website ‘myAccount’ page.

Things to do backlog includes finding out which councillor to hassle about their policy. I know in other places people can’t just leave stuff to be taken away – especially firms, shops and restaurants – they actually have to be there when the collection lorry arrives and then bring it all out. I can’t see that being popular, but there must be other alternatives.