Starting campaign against litter, rubbish and dumping @islingtonbc

I went on holiday for a week to the countryside and talked to a couple of people who both said, “Oh London is great for a day but I couldn’t live there, too dirty!”.

I’ve always known it’s dirty but I’m sure like everyone else here I manage to block it out and not be bothered by it most of the time.

On the beach on holiday, we picked up and threw away the half dozen or so bits of rubbish that we came across during the day. At home again last Sunday, we went to the park and within 5 minutes had seen about 100 bits of rubbish and litter. I explained to my 4-year-old that we would never get anything else done if we spent all our time picking up all the litter we saw here.

And at the moment it is actually clean around here compared to June and July!


This bag has been sitting on our pavement right outside our church since before we went away and it’s still there. I couldn’t pick it up because it’s so heavy so I left it.

I see 2 problems:

  • the way rubbish is collected by Islington BC and everyone and every business leaving rubbish in fragile plastic bags that spill frequently and let their contents blow down the street
  • the general grottiness of much of our neighbourhoods with bad paving, lack of greenery, miserable architecture, damaged and delapidated street furniture all doesn’t inspire anyone to think twice about dropping litter or dumping their unwanted stuff out on the street for someone else to deal with

Let’s start letting people in the council know that this depressing and grotty situation has to change.

Fortunately LB Islington have made it easy with an app: Islington Street Cleansing

Next post, I’ll put up the link to email the councillors.