London Air Pollution Survey Closes End July

After the stasis of Mr Johnson’s tenure the new mayor is proposing a genuine step change in attitudes to air pollution in the city and there’s a consultation on the suggestions at (For a start, no mealy mouthed reference to ‘air quality’ but a title that recognises the need for action.)

The introductory page notes that

  • 9,416 LONDONERS die early every year because of air pollution
  • £3.7 BILLION is the cost of air pollution to London’s economy
  • 24% PRIMARY SCHOOLS are in areas that breech the legal limit for NO2 (air pollution)
  • You are 2x AS LIKELY TO DIE from lung diseases if you live in deprived vs affluent areas of London

Suggestions for addressing this include widening the ULEZ (ultra low emission zone) and bringing forward the start dates for such controls, plus various ideas for permanent or temporary closure of roads to vehicles, as well as the idea of a vehicle scrappage scheme, ie paying a fee to owners of polluting vehicles to take them out of circulation.

There’s also space to add your own ideas which could include

  • Ring fencing the charges for entering the ULEZ to pay for changes to make walking and cycling easier and more attractive
  • Introducing more car club vehicles so those who give up their cars can transfer easily to using shared vehicles
  • Introducing a day-time ban for large vehicles, which as well as being polluting (being diesel) are so dangerous particularly for cyclists.