Islington Make Votes Matter

Make Votes Matter is the cross-party campaign to introduce proportional representation to the House of Commons by 2021.

As we all know, the current first past the post system delivered strong governments when there were two main parties. But the collapse of Labour support in Scotland means the UK is looking at Conservative-dominated government for the foreseeable future unless there is some change to the voting system.

Meanwhile there is growing support for alternatives to the big two, but as that support is more evenly spread, voters for those smaller parties have a very limited chance of seeing their views represented in parliament. Instead what we are getting is a modern version of rotten boroughs, where many MPs are chosen not by the electorate but the constituency party members of the numerous ‘safe’ seats.

If you think all this is an issue, please come along to the Better Archway Forum AGM on Thursday 7th July in Hargrave Hall, in the corner of Hargrave Road N19 (between Holloway Road and Junction Road) when Make Votes Matter will be speaking from 8pm.

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