Invest in Renewables?

Thrive Renewables is looking for investors, offering up to 3 million Secured Bonds with a nominal value of £1 each.

Thrive Renewables plc is a renewables energy group which develops, constructs and operates a portfolio of renewable energy projects. It was established in 1994 by Triodos Bank, and today owns and operates 15 renewable energy projects across the UK – 14 windfarms and one hydro power project. The combined capacity of these is enough to power around 44,000 homes.

The company has now identified opportunities to develop two single turbine projects in Aberdeenshire and has secured lease agreements with farm owners in locations with average wind speeds of 7.2 metres per second.

Usually power companies look for big, institutional investors but Thrive says, ‘It is important to us to make this bond offer accessible to as many people as possible, so we’ve set the minimum investment at £250. We’ve also introduced a new initiative that makes the bond offer available to communities around the two wind farms.’

If you like the sound of it, there are more details at