Wildflower Planting in Pauntley Street (end of Harberton Road), N19


Whitehall Park resident Dorothy Boswell teamed up with St Andrew’s youth worker, and obtained wildflower seeds from Kew Gardens as part of the national Grow Wild Project http://www.growwilduk.com Consequently, on Sunday St Andrew’s Kids Church had a great time planting wildflower seeds in the green verge in Pauntley Street, N19

Narcissus planted by Dorothy earlier are still flowering in this patch, and cow parsley and green alkanet are currently making this verge look like the country. Green alkanet is particularly favoured by bees. Hopefully Islington’s Greenspace will delay mowing everything until the end of the season so that the new seeds can grow.

Whitehall Park seems favoured by the tiny holly blue butterfly just now – after a run of disappointing years the holly blue can be seen fluttering around our streets and gardens. They use holly for their spring broods, and ivy flowers for their September broods.

dorothy2 dorothy 1