London Wild Birds – first the comprehensive list so I can scan down it and tick off what I know

Still totally pleased that we’ve got goldfinches in the garden.

I’ll look into finding a better way of doing this but I figured I’d just get some lists of wildlife up onto the net first.

Birds first – and I found the definitive guide.

Attached is a spreadsheet – click here for the source – “avibase” – who claim this is the definitive list of London birds. I’m not sure I’ll see any of these swans in my garden, but it’s fun checking. Even with the Latin.

It’s going to take a while to work this one out.

6 types of thrush to choose from!

God knows what the sea-gulls are that fly around over the house in the mornings or pass over in flocks in the evenings.

Plus there are the swifts / swallows / house martins to identify.


I’m going to include birds that I see near-by as well, because I know there are various birds around the area which I never see in my garden.

So – 371 bird species is the total possible we could see around London.