More on London Air Quality

Now it’s leafy Hampstead’s turn to discover that the rarified air you breath around the Heath is not so rarified at all. NO2 readings have been reported by the Hampstead Neighbourhood Forum at

The tests found that pollution at locations with heavy traffic, such as Spaniards Inn and the top of Arkwright Road, were approaching double the legal limit of 40 micrograms per cubic metre. That is perhaps to be expected. But even at Viaduct Pond on Hampstead Heath, away from any roads and surrounded by trees, the NO2 level was half the legal limit.

It really is time for action on London’s Air Quality and Clean Air London is helping with that. As the mayoral candidates release their policy proposals they are being ranked at

As of posting this the ratings are:

Sian Berry              10

Caroline Pidgeon  8

Sadiq Khan            6

Zac Goldsmith       4.5