UK Increases Reliance on Renewables

The Observer this weekend had a big business story with the downbeat headline Clouds gather over the solar power sector after golden years of success . The details however included some pretty good news:

  • Last week for a full 24-hour period the UK produced more power from PV panels than coal
  • In December 2015 wind turbines supplied 17% of the country’s electricity
  • For the first quarter of 2016 clean power sources provided almost a quarter of the UK’s electricity.

What is more, while the government may have withdrawn the domestic feed in tariff, is still subsidising huge offshore projects says the article, and is involved in major solar installations on publicly owned sites like an ex RAF base.

With a government determined to support big business at the expense of small, they of course prefer nuclear to renewables, and if they pick renewables, it’s only the big, expensive schemes. That means the winners in the renewables industry are now the big boys, but better that than none at all. And we should applaud the report that in two years we have acquired 10GW of those renewables.