It is not a national park, or even a regular urban park, but this strip of land above the A1 by the Archway Bridge is one of Pooterland’s wild places. The Archway Cuttings South East is owned by Transport for London, and the Islington Wildlife Gardeners’ Group go in a few times a year to clear out the litter, do some careful cutting back, and plant some native species. Last Friday we went in and had our conservation session. This is what the site looked like at the end.

A Cuttings 2016 2
A Cuttings 2016

The site is very steeply sloping and has no vehicular access, and cannot be used for anything except for biodiversity. It is part of the Archway Cuttings Site of Borough Importance Grade 1. which has had a very chequered history, but after some ten years' effort by the IWGGs, local residents and staff from the Islington Ecology Centre, the South East Cuttings is becoming a reservoir for wildlife. Some birds nest in it and bees and other insects can be found in the summer.