Encouraging initial response from Islington Councillor Dave Poyser to local groups’ anti-TTIP letter

Encouraging initial response from Councillor Dave Poyser on the anti-TTIP letter (see previous item)

“You may know that the socialists in the European Parliament (where I used to work) are leading the opposition to TTIP. I have already been in touch with Judith Kirton Darling MEP (you can see her press releases about her work on this on her own web-site and the eurolabour.org web-site) on this as other Islington councillors are also concerned about TTIP and have brought up the subject, and campaigned on it.

I will talk with others and get back about whether a motion in a local council is an appropriate way forward for the campaign”

Let us hope that the Council takes up the initiiatives proposed in the letter, response is keenly awaited.