The three Islington Transition Groups (Finsbury Park, Highbury, and Tufnell Park) have joined together with Hands off our Public Services and the Islington Trades Council in asking Islington Council to get to grips with the implications of the secretive TTIP negotiations. The letter is below. Great to know of this local initiative.

2 November 2015

Dear Editor

The EU and USA launched negotiations in July 2013 on a Transatlantic Trade and Investment

Partnership (TTIP). Accordingly negotiations are underway to determine to which goods and

services TTIP will apply and if new rules can be agreed to protect investors, harmonise standards,

reduce tariffs and open new markets throughout the EU and USA. However, this is being done in

secret behind closed doors. There has been no scrutiny of the negotiating texts by MPs or local

government, nor any impact assessment on the potential impact on local authorities. It will affect

every one of us majorly.

TTIP could have a detrimental impact on local services, employment, suppliers and decision-making.

Thus we want a thorough impact assessment of TTIP on local authorities undertaken before the

negotiations are concluded.

The proposed Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) mechanism has been used by corporations to

overturn democratic decisions by all levels of governments at significant public cost. Thus we say

that local decision-making must be protected from ISDS.

The EU’s food, environmental and labour standards are better than those in the USA. TTIP

negotiations must raise and not lower these standards across the EU and USA.

Sourcing supplies and employment locally is important to strengthening local economies and

meeting local needs. TTIP must not impact on local authorities’ ability to act in the best interests its


We call:

1. on Islington Council to pass a motion raising our serious concerns about the impact of TTIP on

local authorities and the secrecy of the negotiating process with government.

2. for an impact assessment on the impact of TTIP on local authorities.

3. on the Council to join with other local authorities opposed to TTIP across Europe and work with

local campaigners to raise awareness about the problems of TTIP.

4. on the local authorities of municipalities twinned with Islington Council to consider passing a

similar motion on TTIP.

Yours sincerely

Islington Hands Off Our Public Services IHOOPS

Islington Trades Council

Transition Finsbury Park

Transition Highbury

Transition Tufnell Park