Problems with Boris Buses – TfL has done no pollution checks on new routemasters when using diesel engines

This unsatisfactory news has come my way:

“Transport for London has admitted that they have no understanding of the real levels of pollution created by the new Routemasters despite repeated claims that they are the ‘most environmentally friendly bus of its kind.’

In response to an Assembly freedom of information request TfL have today conceded that no pollution checks have been undertaken of the new Routemasters when they operate in their non hybrid mode and are entirely dependent on their diesel engines. The failure to undertake such testing is significant following the recent discovery that 80 of the new Routemasters are running entirely on diesel generators.

Stephen Knight AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly environment spokesperson, commenting on this latest revelation about the new Routemasters said:

“Time and time again the Mayor has claimed that the new Routemaster is the most environmentally friendly bus of its kind.

“Such a claim is simply nonsense if the buses are not operating as intended and relying entirely on their dirty diesel engines.

“Londoners have paid a fortune for the new Routemasters. At the very least they deserve to know how polluting they really are.

“The Mayor should stop making fanciful claims about the new Routemasters and instead ensure a full evaluation is undertaken of the actual levels of pollution that the buses are creating.””

What a shame. The 390 which terminates at Archway is a new Routemaster. I find the Boris Bus a delight to travel in, as when working properly it is very quiet and smooth. TfL need to get these buses fixed so that they do not need to use their diesel engines pdq.