Power Up North London (Transitions Tufnell Park, Kentish Town, and Dartmouth Park)

Power Up North London is one year old and has sent off an application to register as a Community Benefit Society. This means that they will soon be a legally incorporated entity which is able to issue community shares, take out loans and apply for funding. They are in conversation with numerous roof owners who are interested in partnering PUNL, from churches to commercial buildings.

To join the core group and help PUNL get their first solar project off the ground, the next monthly meeting is at 7.30pm at the Grafton, Kentish Town on 1 July.

They will also be at Alma Street fair on 5 July on the Transition Kentish Town stand.

Follow on Twitter @PowerUpNLdn and visit our website for updates.

Get in touch via the website https://powerupnorthlondon.wordpress.com/2015/06/18/power-up-north-london-one-year-on/?preview_id=25 or email at powerupnorthlondon@gmail.com