Jenny Jones on Boris’ efforts to reduce London’s carbon emissions

Baroness Jenny Jones of the Green Party and a Green member of the London Assembly has written a piece in the Guardian looking at Boris Johnson’s record in tackling – and not tackling – London’s carbon targets.

She says: “Earlier in 2014 the London assembly environment committee produced a report card on the progress of the capital’s carbon reduction targets. It gave mayor Boris Johnson an overall score of just 4.6 out of 10 for his efforts to reduce carbon.

Despite benefiting from some of the best and most comprehensive climate policies and the efforts of his climate team, Johnson – now in the middle of his second term of office – has failed to show the personal leadership that his climate mitigation and adaptation strategies promise. By not putting the weight of his office and resources behind his pledge to reduce London’s carbon emissions by 60% by 2025, long-term targets will prove even harder to achieve.

This overall poor performance is not surprising, given the mayor’s reluctance to acknowledge human behaviour as the dominant cause of climate change. Instead the mayor is known to give credence to crank theories, such as solar activity being the cause and speculation over whether we are entering a mini ice age. This dangerous and ill-informed mindset also explains the mayor’s rationale for promoting the development of new sources of carbon emissions such as aviation expansion and fracking.”

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