UK quietly slashes millions of tonnes of emissions – Good news!

I was very pleased to find this item in the Sandbag newsletter:

“UK quietly slashes millions of tonnes of emissions

With little fanfare, the UK government cancelled 36 million tonnes of carbon pollution rights in May. These carbon allowances relate to the UK’s carbon budgets and cover emissions outside the ETS that could otherwise have been banked forward into future budgets. With the stroke of a pen this eliminates more greenhouse gas emissions than the country’s two largest coal-fired power stations emit each year. At Sandbag we’re hopeful that this act, plus cancellation of HFC carbon credits in the Netherlands, on the Shenzhen carbon market, and others, sets a precedent for the cancellation of enormous surplus of allowances on the EU ETS. Read how Sandbag broke the story here:”

This effort must have been due to Ed Davey at DECC. Good man. I think that he must have survived in post as he is a Lib Dem. Various Tories in DECC have been shuffled out – who may have worked on this project – and it seems that the Chancellor who is concerned about the cost of greenery has inserted two colleagues into DECC.