Parliamentary Inquiry into Inaction on Air Quality

The Environmental Audit Committee is today launching an inquiry to assess Action on Air Quality since it warned about the urgency of the problem in reports during 2010 and 2011.

The new inquiry will aim to identify the state of progress on the recommendations from its 2011 report on Air Quality which focussed on a need for action in six areas: 

  1.  the priority and targets on air quality in Defra’s planning 
  2.   strategy and inter-departmental co-ordination, including on transport and planning matters, 
  3.  support for local authorities in tackling air pollution, and how any European Commission fines might fall on them, 
  4.  the implications of local authorities’ enhanced responsibilities for public health, 
  5.  Low Emissions Zones and vehicle emissions limits, and public awareness campaigns.

The inquiry will also examine the role that might be played by new environmental technologies, and the scope for wider transport policies — for example on public transport and cycling and walking — to cut air pollution.

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