British Motorists Have Lost Their Love of Driving

A press release this week reveals that British motorists have lost their love for driving. But its theme is that people should change their minds and revert to driving more. 

Two thirds of Britain’s motorists only drive their car for pleasure a few times a year, and almost one in three have never driven simply for the enjoyment of getting behind the wheel, according to new research findings from Shell.

The survey of 2,000 British motorists[1] discovered that 32% of motorists blamed a lack of time, while 25% noted that Britain’s roads were too congested to make driving enjoyable.

David Moss, Shell UK Retail General Manager, comments: “…Everyone’s idea of what makes a great drive is different, so we want to encourage more people to go out, explore somewhere new, and enjoy the ride.”


[1],2 One Poll Research, survey of 2,000 Motorists – March 2014