Improving the Playground at Wray Crescent, N4

My letter to my councillors explains it:

Dear Michael O’Sullivan, Phil Kelly and Barbara Sidnell,

My family and I live on Moray Road in the Finsbury Park ward, and our closest and favourite local playground is the Wray Crescent playground by the cricket pitch.

One of my friends Dan Curtis – a local dad @yellowfeverdan – is fund-raising, including running the London Marathon, to raise money to improve the playground facilities there in a way that local parents and children want. It all started with the need for a slide and now Dan is targetting a total of £5,000.

Islington Council have identified the play space as ‘needing improvement’ and have promised to double Dan’s final sum.

The money will go through Friends of Wray Crescent who have done great things already, e.g. planting orchard trees on the hillock just outside the playground at the end of Wray Crescent road.

North Islington Nursery School (where our children all go) on Tollington Park are also holding a special sports day to raise funds too.

Two of Dan’s councillors have already promised over £1000 together from discretionary budgets that they have available for their ward. It would be fantastic to see some more contribution from other surrounding wards too. Do you think that is possible?

Yours sincerely,

Adam Hardy

— end quote.

It’s all going to be made of wood by a local craftsman who works from absolute raw materials: already about 5 big tree trunks have been delivered, locally sourced beech, I think.