Islington in consortium of North London Boroughs to receive government support for retrofitting homes

Delighted to learn that Islington Council is involved in the recently announced North London Green Deal Communities project along with Haringey, Camden, Enfield, Hackney and Waltham Forest councils.

This project is supported by approximately £450K of government money to be spent in each of the six boroughs on retrofitting homes. The details are still being finalised between the boroughs and DECC, but in order to qualify for a grant towards the cost of any works one of three measures (internal or external solid wall insulation or hard to treat cavity insulation) will need to be carried out on the property. The grants are likely to be up to £6,000 depending on a range of criteria. There is also money available for community interaction (e.g. door knocking and events etc.) although this is unlikely to start in earnest until after the local elections due to legal restrictions. There is further funding available for local businesses to become green deal accredited.
One more step towards reducing our dependence on expensive and climate-changing fossil fuels. Good effort by Islington Council, thank you.