Idling Engines are Polluting

Islington policy now allows that if you don’t switch off your vehicle engine when stationary and asked to do so by an authorised officer, you may be issued with a fixed penalty notice of £20 – rising to £40 if it is not paid within 28 days.

The reason for this is that vehicles emit pollutants like nitrogen dioxide and the particulates which get right into your lungs. As well as lung cancer and asthma attacks, the pollution causes heart disease. Diesel vehicles emit 4 times more nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and 22 times more particulates (PM10) than petrol vehicles so it’s especially important that they don’t run unnecessarily.

After you’ve run the engine for just one minute, it’s also cheaper to switch it off and then on again, so turning off will save you money too.

There’s an Islington leaflet you can print out to give other drivers who might not know about the damage they are causing – or the money they could be saving.