Islington Curtain Lining Workshop Saturday 15 March

Islington Council is running a Curtain Lining Workshop to teach people  how to make thermal linings without using a sewing machine. They will not only make your home warmer, but save you energy and money.   The workshop will be run by Andy Piccos, head tailor on Gok Wans Fashion Fix.

Date: Saturday 15th March from 1 – 430pm at 222 Upper Street.

The workshop is for Islington residents and costs £15 including a set of thermal linings to take away, free if you are on income related benefits.

Booking is essential, contact The Energy Advice Team  on 0800 953 1221 / 020 7527 2121 or email:

Thermal linings really make a difference.   We had our house thermally imaged last March (when it was cold) and we were quite surprised by the results.   Our ground floor front room curtains are inter-lined with wadding, but let out more heat (see photograph) than the ones above, which are much thinner but have thermal linings.   As one of my energy-saving resolutions I have now added thermal linings to the ground floor curtains (just cut them to size, sewed on header tape and hooked them up to the existing header tape on the main curtains).

We were also interested by the heat loss over the two front doors.   Both doors are double glazed but only our above-door window is.   Our neighbours have only a single pane of glass above their door and lose the greatest amount of heat via that window.

heat loss report