Islington Council asked for more determined action on air quality, for discussion at full Council meeting on Thursday 23 January

Hillrise Ward’s Independent Councillor Greg Foxsmith (yes, Hillrise is one of the northern wards in Pooterland) has concluded that Islington Council’s response to the recent report on the state of the Borough’s air quality is “weak”.   Though the Council’s intentions are “good”, an effective response to the poor state of Islington’s air needs identified actions and a proper timetable.   “Lip service is paid to the report’s recommendations, but actual targeted, timetabled action is non-existent.”

Greg has accordingly asked for this issue to be looked at again and has “called it in” to the next full Council meeting to be held on Thursday 23rd January.   Greg’s statement and supporting papers can be read here:

All residents who care about the health effects of poor air will applaud Greg’s action, and hope that the entire Council will take on board his suggestions for a more pro-active approach to improving Islington’s air quality.   Greg’s proposals – supported by a number of other Councillors – can be read in the “Call-in” Notice flagged in his website page.

If readers act quickly, they can send in an email to their own Councillors in support of the Call-in Notice, and ask them to support Greg’s amendments.