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    The Friends of the Parkland Walk have organised a Guided Tree Walk with Rebecca Harrison

    6.30pm on Thursday 9th August – start at the Holmesdale Road entrance in Highgate

    Rebecca will guide participants along the Parkland Walk towards Crouch End, touching on all kinds of arboreal aspects such as how to easily identify trees and how should we best manage them? Why are some trees more common than others? What trees attract the most types of insects? Do any trees have a negative impact on our green spaces? Rebecca has many years of experience working at Highgate Wood and grew up in Muswell Hill where the Parkland Walk was one of her favourite play areas as a child.

    Numbers are limited to 20 places and priority will be given to full members of the Friends. Remaining places will be allocated to non-members. The walk is free, but a non-obligatory suggested donation of £3 can be offered to help towards our work. If you are not a full member you can upgrade by donating an additional £2. Further information on membership can be found here.

    If you are interested, please email with the message subject ‘summer tree walk’. Please indicate the number of places you would like and if you are already a member or would like to join on the day.

    The walk will last for 1.5 hours

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    @churchengland threatening #divestment of energy stocks from its $16 billion investment pot

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      A step in the right direction.

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    FOE Anti-Trump Climate Policy Protest March Friday 13 (appropriate!) July 

    The FOE is assembling marchers for this event, instructions below.

    The biggest march is planned for this Friday afternoon in London. If you’re coming along, join me in the climate change section at 2pm in Portland Place, W1A 1AA. Look for the Friends of the Earth flags. Our friends at Campaign against Climate Change are bringing some music too so it’s shaping up to be a fun day out – as well as a way to resist Trump.

    Not in London? There are marches planned all over the country, all weekend.

    Here are some ideas to help you make a powerful statement against Mr Trump:

    Placards: One of my favourite things about marches is the creative and funny placards. But if you don’t have time to make your own from scratch you can choose your favourite design from the Trump Action Pack. Just print it, stick it on some cardboard and you’re ready to go.

    Posters: Whether you’re marching or not you can make a powerful statement about Trump’s visit. Choose your favourite design, print it and pop it in your window.

    T-shirts: If you want to wear your statement rather than holding it, we’ve teamed up with Teemill to produce some Make the Planet Great Again t-shirts. You’ll probably have to pick special delivery if you want to get it in time for Friday though.

    So get set to show you resist the dangerous policies Mr Trump stands for, and that you demand a better future for everyone. Make sure he gets our message loud and clear.

    Thank you for standing up for people and the planet with us.

    FOE Supporter Relations Manager

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    Last weekend, as part of the Highgate Festival, Catherine Budgett-Meakin, founder of HiCAN, and now leader of Highgate Transition, gave the presentation below. Despite the UK political “elite” being fixated on Brexit, we need to keep the climate change issue in people’s minds, as it will not fix itself or go away. Indeed, The Guardian Leader article today (10 July) points out that our present heatwave is being caused by the jet stream being held in its current position by a warmer arctic (due to less sea-ice and more heat-absorbing dark water, and more methane and CO2 from melted permafrost).

    Catherine Budgett- Meakin: There is No Planet B: Change and Challenge

    Is it true that people won’t change their habits for the greater good?

    Surely not – just look at how the ban on smoking has changed habits. People were still smoking in restaurants only 11 years ago.

    And nobody would have expected to pick up dog poo in my childhood.

    But when it comes to thinking about future generations – that’s our children and grandchildren – we don’t seem to be able to get our heads round what needs to be done.
    We have to stop relying on fossil fuels in such a massive way;

  • We must stop emitting CO2 in the thoughtless way that is the hallmark of western (un)civilisation.

    We need some statistics:
    The population of the United Kingdom emits just under 10 tons per person per annum;
    • France – 6.5 tons,
    • Russia – 12 tons,
    • China – 4.5;
    • India – 1.1;
    • Kenya less than half a ton of CO2
    Americans emit nearly 20 tons – and their emissions are increasing.
    It is estimated that we should aim to reduce to three tons per person per annum. For those of us in the minority world, that’s quite a challenge.

    What really puzzles me is our inertia and our belief that someone else will sort it. Is this a moral issue?

    It is easy to do something about the ‘low hanging fruit’ – the modest changes to our lifestyle: recycling, composting, refusing plastic bags, eating less meat.
    Even making our houses more energy efficient is not too difficult, and it results in lower domestic energy bills.
    But most people don’t think it’s anything to do with them and, anyway, they question what difference their little action will make.
    Just remember the impact of a tiny mosquito in your bedroom…

    For some, a moment of awakening can come suddenly: The first and last verses from Robert Frost’s poem The Road Not Taken:

    Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveller, long I stood
    And looked down one as far as I could
    To where it bent in the undergrowth;
    I shall be telling this with a sigh
    Somewhere ages and ages hence:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
    I took the one less travelled by,
    And that has made all the difference.

    I’d like to assume we all want to ‘make a difference’ but most of us don’t know where to start.

    So what can we do?
    • Find out what is happening in our local area – in Highgate we have Transition Highgate, and in north London several other Transition groups;
    • We have the Highgate Society’s Sustainable Living group;
    • The Muswell Hill Sustainability Group is a source of much information and good practice;
    • Develop a more vegetarian diet and source food as locally and seasonally as possible;
    • Reduce waste – use of domestic energy, food – anything to reduce our heavy footprint on our fragile world;
    • Try to cut down on leisure air travel – say to one flight per year;
    • Have a go at lobbying politicians and policy makers – for example – to introduce fuel duty on aviation fuel = train v plane.
    Last year I made five journeys by train to Europe.
    For my journey to Florence I was informed that, by taking the train, my CO2 emissions were 38 kgs. If I’d flown, it would have been 228 kgs. That’s pretty stark…

    • But most importantly – we must address our minds and our hearts to the future and work out what changes in our life style we can make which, added to everyone else’s efforts, will really make a difference – without being ‘preachy’;
    • Feeling guilty is disempowering – it can lead to a sort of paralysis
    • But making a decision that ‘I want to do something and I’m going to find out what to do’ is empowering:
    it’s an opportunity not a threat

    I have one plea: please don’t talk about Saving the Planet – the Planet will be fine – it’s the human race and the natural world, on which we depend, that are challenged and threatened. Extinction is already being mentioned.

    And the poor of the world who have done least to damage the global environment are the ones who are already suffering.

    Very roughly 20% of the world’s population – that’s us in the ‘minority world’ – consume 80% of the world’s resources.

    So please, start thinking about all this. Become curious and find out what’s possible and what you and your family might do. Don’t just leave it to others…

    Make it a priority to identify the three things in the way you live your life you can change before the end of 2018. And don’t feel you have to do it all alone.

    And most especially think about future generations and how they will view our inertia and apathy.

    Change is challenging – but is exciting too..

    As EF Schumacher said in the 1970s “Wisdom demands a new orientation of science and technology towards the organic, the gentle, the elegant and beautiful”


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    Summer must be here – the first #swifts in Stroud Green have arrived

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    Going to try creating a wildlife pond with training from @WildWoodberry and @WildLondon pond course 

    Two aims – to see if I can build a wildlife pond in our garden at home, and to see if we can build one @StroudGreenSch Stroud Green Primary.

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    The Zero Emissions Network in Archway is almost one year old – progress report 

    At a recent meeting of the Archway Town Centre Group, in connection with Archway’s ZEN it was reported that the following steps towards reducing Archway’s air pollution and climate changing CO2 emissions had been taken:

    1 Electric cars: Fast chargers on St John’s and Giesbach Road are now installed along with a rapid charger on Pemberton Gardens (a rapid charger can give an 80% boost in just 30mins compared to a couple of hours using a fast charger) – one of the first of its kind in the borough. For details of other street-chargers in the Borough, and how to get access to them, please go to: (although the list of locations does not include the new rapid charger!)

    2 Plans are underway to host an Electric Vehicle event on Navigator Square on Thursday 19th April, with further plans for National Clean Air Day (21st June) and World Car Free Day (22nd September).

    3 Air Quality: an AQ Mesh Monitor has been installed at the north end of Holloway Road (officially Sandridge Street) to provide NOx and Particulate Matter readings in real time and as of this week, a second monitor has been installed on Grovedale Road to provide an ‘urban background’ comparator of data.

    4. ZEN Grants: 12 businesses successfully applied for a ZEN grant ranging from Whittington Hospital (Dr Bike Sessions), several local businesses, and St Joseph’s School (walk to school comms and materials).


    5 Oriental Food on Junction Road is the first business in all of Islington, Hackney and Tower Hamlets (!!!) to apply for the e-switch grant (£200 to businesses and couriers who wish to switch to an electric bike or moped: ) and is now the proud owner of an electric bicycle for Zero Emissions deliveries.

    6 Ofo Bike partnership was available in early January, offering 5 free rides to any member of the ZEN. A further 10 codes are available to those interested for a very limited time.

    7 Winter Dr Bike sessions have been successful and ZEN will now run a Dr Bike session every 3rd Tuesday of the month in Archway’s new Navigator Square – over 100 bikes have been assessed since September.

    To find out more about the Archway ZEN, and benefit from its green opportunities please go to this website:

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    Freightliners Farm raising money – lovely farm, free entrance, great cafe @freightcityfarm 

    Freightliners city farm is raising funds. Lovely farm, free entrance, great cafe.


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